I had an opportunity to photograph my son Chris this evening. We stepped out into the field just outside the back gate of our backyard.  I wanted to test out the new diffusion sock for my DIY beauty dish that my wife made for me. Chris wasn't particularly excited about modeling for me, I use him a lot and I'm sure he's bored with it.

The sun had not yet set but was behind large clouds to the west. I metered for the clouds behind Chris and then underexposed them by about 1 stop. I then turned on the strobe.  I was using a single Nikon SB-800 at 1/2 power, 1/1600 @ f/2.8 for the photo above.

Here are a few other images from this 10 minute shoot, when your only getting one look from your subject...  There was a light breeze this evening, beauty dishes are idea if you have any sort of wind.  An umbrella would have taken off across the field had I used it.

I really like the quality of light from this beauty dish, unfortunately it is so hard to travel with. I really only use the beauty dish when I'm in town shooting. When I'm on the road, I use a small softbox that produces a similar look.

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