A Busy Few Weeks Ahead

I've been on the road quite a bit these past few weeks, and I have more travel ahead of me. I've been in East shooting stills and video for a new Oil & Gas client. This past week I was shooting in Pennsylvania, West Virgina, and Kentucky.

I was photographing various gas processing plants for my client, I visited 5 different plants on this trip. Shooting video is new to me, I was shooting mostly B-roll material with out sound. I actually had fun doing it, however I have no plans on developing it any further then the basics.

Here are a few images from this recent trip.

I'll be leaving for Austria next Monday, I have 4 workshops and a speaking engagement in Vienna for Nikon. I am very excited to be speaking to a large group of photography enthusiasts, let alone in Vienna. As I mentioned, I'll be holding 4 Small Strobes, Big Results workshops in Austria. You can find out more information about these workshop HERE.

I hope to keep blogging while out on the road.  DT