Egypt Slideshow

I've been teaching for Popular Photography Magazine's Mentor Series for quite sometime now. I have about 4 Treks each year to various locations throughout the world. In November of 2010 I had a Trek to Egypt, about 4 months before the "Arab Spring" uprising in Egypt.

Recently in the news we're seeing new demonstration in Cario and total chaos in the streets. I feel very fortunite to have visited Egypt, who knows when it will be safe to visit that country again. Egypt is a beautiful country and it saddens me to see what is taking place in that country.

I have put together a sideshow of images from my visit to Egypt. I'll be doing another overseas trip for the Mentor Series in April. I'll be leading a Trek with Michael Clark to the wonderful city of Dubai, in the UAE. That Trek will take place April 20-27, 2012. For more information on this trek and other, please visit the Mentor Series Website.