A few weeks back, I was shooting for a client at a location in Summit County, near Winter Park Ski Resort.  After the shoot, I took a few extra hours with my assistant John and photographed some moving water on a local stream.  My exposure was f/20 at 2 seconds. 


We had an opportunity to move around the stream a bit and managed to get a few additional images. Let's take a look at a few of them.



I cooled down the color temp of the water portion of the photo, Perhaps a bit to much... Your thoughts?  The exposure was f/16 at 1/4 second.



Here's another view of the same stream.  The exposure on this one is f/22 at 1 second.



Here is the last image of the same stream just a bit further down stream.  The exposure here was f/22 at 1/4 second.  I love slow exposures when shooting moving water.  I carry a few ND (neutral density) filters in my bag just in case I need to reduce the exposure for a longer shutter speed.  DT