Vienna Nikon NPS Workshop

 Wow! I've been here in Austria for a few weeks now, and have just completed my Nikon NPS workshop near Vienna.  We were in the small town of Strasshof shooting at a train museum, what a great place to shoot. Let's take a look at a few images from earlier today.

This was our fabulous model Aleksandra, I used the interior of a train car for the setting. I taped my ripstop nylon to the side door of the car and shot my flash thru the fabric.  This created a beautiful soft light as it was a very big modifier.

Here is the set up for this photograph.

You can also see an SB-800 placed on the floor to add color to the background.  You will also notice some spill from the flash outside projecting light on the back wall... this was corrected, of course.

Here I'm showing a quick bounce technique, when bouncing you need to watch out for un wanted color casts coming from the bounce surface.  We had a bit of shift in color, we believe it must have come from the lower layer of paint under the thin white painted surface?  Using a DataColor Spider Cube solved that problem with a click of a mouse.

Here is the set up for the photo above.  Small softbox overhead, rim light placed right side to the rear and one additional flash to open the dark wheel of the train engine.

How about some warm late afternoon sunlight.  We had Aleksandra stand at the desk in the old station building.  I aimed two SB-900's thru the window with CTO gels over the flash tubes.  I also place on SB-900 with a set of barn doors outside where I was positioned to open a little more information.

You will notice that I have two flashed strapped together trying to make my light appear as one light source.  Placing two lights side by side will create double shadows.

Here is the last shot of the day.  Aleksandra positioned herself near this great looking wall.  I started off using a set of barn doors to light the scene but ended up, just zooming the flash head to 200mm.  The shift in color cast was created via a WB of tungsten and the flash was fitted with a full CTO gel.

I'm off to Graz, Austria tomorrow for a two day workshop.... see you there.  DT