Final Thoughts

I've been home from Austria for a few days now, trying to catch up on some needed sleep.  I've had some time to think about my trip to Austria and the new friends I've made.  I want to thank all the SSBR participants for attending the workshops, 40% of this years attendees were repeat participants. Thank you.

I want to extend a very special thanks to my best friend and business partner who made all of this possible, Eric Krugl.  You can't believe how much work and preparation is needed to such a tour together.  Thank you Eric for all your hard work and friendship.  I especially liked the transportation you arranged for the tour this year.  I would have been happy with some sort of "Flash Bus", but now that I have experienced the comfort of our own plane... There is no going back!

I look forward to visiting next year with some new workshops and I hope to visit with all of you again.  Eric, your the best, thank you again for everything!