Executive Portrait

I was shooting for a long time client the other day, they needed 6 or 7 environmental portraits of management, 8 Directors portraits as well as a group shot of those directors.  I arrived on location at 6:30am and began setting up 3 different locations in there office.  For the managment photos, I used a very long hallway as the background and for the directors I used a pop up background made by Botero.

The lighting for the portrait above, this is the CEO and all the other directors were photographed here.  I shot with a 70-200mm VRII Nikon lens, and the lighting goes as follows; The main is a beauty dish with a single SB-800 in it, and the rim lights on either side are SB-800's with a Rouge grid and a full CTO gel fixed on each.  The gels are what give the warm tone on the rim lights.  Here is a graphic to show you the set up.