Shooting In The Kitchen

I'm fortunate to have a home which allows a clear unobstructed view of 50 feet. I use this open space to shoot portraits for clients that want an office like environment when they have none.  Perhaps they work out of their home or they just don't have type of environment suited to their needs.

Let's take a look at the set up of the lights and the general setting.  

You can see that I used two lights for this set up.  I shot thur the open doorway, you can see the tripod by the piano. This is a classic bounce technique, the main or key light is on a light stand next to the refrigerator. I have a foam flag on the flash which prevents RAW light from striking the subject. When doing a proper bounce technique, the only light reaching your subject should come only from the bounce surface.  Here is what the bounce looks like.


You will also notice the flash ion the left, this is my rim or separation light.  This flash is fitted with a grid to only strike the subjects hair and shoulder. Below is a photo showing the view from my shooting position.

Here is what one of the final images look like.