Dornbirn AAP Masterclass Workshop Oct 10

This was year visiting Dornbirn, Austria.  What a wonderful location, just minutes to the Swiss boarder.  I had the pleasure to have 14 Masterclass participants in my one day workshop.  The masterclass is part of the students continuing education program.  Let's have a look at the set ups and photos from the day.

We started the day leaning about the theory of light and then after lunch we demonstrated various lighting techniques. I always like to start with a proper bounce.


In this example, I placed the flash behind the subject allowing some of the light to strike the hair and shoulder before hitting the wall for the bounce.  Here is the set up shot, the umbrella was used to shade the subject from strong daylight from the skylight.

Here we used a collapsed umbrella to control spill on the back wall.

Here we used a barn door on the flash to shape the light as well as adding a small softbox for fill.


Here is a photo using only a piece of nylon rip-stop fabric attached to a window.... nice soft light.

For the final shot of the day, a classic sports look.

It was an honor to teach a masters class in Dornbirn, I look forward to returning soon.