UPAA 2014 Symposium

I was a quest speaker and workshop presenter at this years, UPAA (University Photographers Association of America) symposium. The UPAA met this year at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.  This was my 4th time speaking to this fine group of photographers.

I conducted three 1 1/2 hour mini workshops this year.  One of the lighting techniques I demonstrated was a proper bounce.  University photographers are not typically given a lot of time to create images and setting up a softbox or some other modifier take up valuable time.

This photo below was lit using a bounce technique, I actually placed the flash (Nikon SB-800) behind my subject camera left.  With a set of barndoors on the flash, I aimed it over the shoulder of my subject to the wall cameral right.  I aimed the flash as to allow a bit of it to strike my subject which provided a nice rim light.  There is also a flash at the end of the hall with a orange gel on it striking the wall. This flash was also a Nikon SB-800, placed on Channel 1 Group B, the main light was set to Group A.

Just as a quick note:  I'll be teaching a lighting workshop with my friend Dave Black in Charleston, SC in September for the Mentor Series.