Folios & Prints

Fine Art Prints for your home or office

Before working in the field of commercial photography, I was a fine art black and white photographer. I shot with a 4” X 5” field camera, did my own processing and printing for many years. After more then 30 years shooting commercially, I have decided to return the my old roots of fine art print making.

I do miss the traditional tactile quality of black and white and color prints produced in the darkroom.  However, with the advancements in fine digital printmaking today, there archival longevity I am now able to make and sell prints that meet my own high standards.

I print on Epson paper, using Epson inks with archival longevity of about 100 years.  These prints are available in a verity of sizes. 

  • 11" X 14"

  • 16" X 20"

  • 20" X 30"