It Arrived One Snowy Eve...Late

I'm waiting for UPS to delivered my new camera. I ordered a new Nikon D300 a few days ago and I'm waiting for it arrive. I've been standing by my front door waiting for UPS to arrive, it's been snowing today which has delayed his normal arrival time of around 5:30 pm. I'm still not certain that UPS will arrive tonight, it's getting later and later.

My wife has dinner on the table, yet I wait by the front door in order to get a photo of the delivery for this post. If it does arrive tonight, I'll be forced to shoot at ISO 1600, which is at the extreme end of the scale for my G9.

We have all read the reviews of the new Nikon D300 and I for one am looking forward to shooting with it. I'll let you know my thoughts once I've had an opportunity to work with this beauty.

7:00 pm. Dinner is done and still no UPS, the latest Harry Potter DVD has been put on the "tellie" and I continue to sit at the island in the kitchen looking out the front door into the cul-de-sac waiting...

Since I'm waiting, I'll tell you that I ordered my D300 with the optional battery grip through B&H photo. I've been dealing with B&H for most of my professional career and I find them to be the best to deal with. I might mention that I am a member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) and my membership provides free shipping when ordering equipment through B&H. If you have not seen Photoshop User Magazine you need to take a look at it, if you join you too can receive their magazine and free shipping through B&H photo.

8pm: I fear that UPS will not arrive tonight, perhaps it's the snow or what ever. My wife just looked out the front door and shook her head, "There not coming tonight" she stated. I hate hearing that, she's usually right! You know how that is.

8:10 pm: I've just checked online with UPS tracking, it till shows that my package is still out for delivery. I know all of you have waited breathlessly for a delivery, you know what I'm going through!

I had hoped to have a UPS truck in this photo, I give up!
No UPS...

9:15 pm it arrived! WoW!!!