Athena... Thanks for your post

Athena Danoy, a recent participant of the Small Strobes, Big Results workshop in Arlington, TX has written about her experience at the workshop on her blog. Thanks Athena for all the kind words, I glad you enjoyed the workshop.

I must tell you, I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with those who attend the workshops.  I wish there where these types of workshops when I first started shooting.  It's my belief that I could have cut my learning curve about lighting and other issues of location assessment by years.

If you have been considering attending a Small Strobes, Big Results workshop, take the time to read Athena's post at her blog.  These workshops are very informative and fun!  

My next workshop will be held in Denver, CO on Saturday Jan. 10th 2009. I'll also be teaching a one week long Small Strobes, Big Results workshop at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in Santa Fe, NM. this winter.