Bee Keeper Photo Shoot

I was recently commissioned by St. Mary's College in California to photograph bee lover Jennie Durant. I met up with Jennie in Boulder, Colorado to photograph her in an environment suited to bee keeper... beehives.

We had about 45 minutes with Jennie and I wanted as many different poses I could get during that time. These photos I was taking for St. Mary's where going to be for inside use of their magazine. I wanted to provide my client with plenty of choices allow them a place to put copy within the photo. I shot both horizontal and vertical orientations and I placed the subject on the left and right side of the image.

We also shot video that day and I've posted that at YouTube.

The lighting for these photos where as follows: I mounted 3 SB-800 strobes on Justin Clamps and than clamped them onto the speed ring that the octabox box was mounted too. I set each of the strobes to Remote, Ch 1, Group A. I fired all of the strobes via my built in command unit on my Nikon D700. I had no trouble in the bright sunlight sending the pre-flash info to the strobes from the camera.

When ever possible, I choose to use the Nikon CLS system when ever the distance and workability of the system allows. I always carry sets of Pocket Wizards with me for those times when distance is an issue. The key to using small flashes on location is to honestly think of them as you studio strobes. Use the same modifiers as you would with your studio strobes, just outfit them with your smaller strobes. Here are some of my favorite images from our shoot.