Toronto Small Strobes, Big Results Workshop?

Let me throw this out there, I've had a few emails asking for a Small Strobes, Big Results workshop in Toronto, Canada.

I'm just thinking out loud right now, I'll be speaking at the 48th annual UPAA symposium in Jamestown, NY. in June of 2009. This put me pretty close to the Toronto area, and a workshop could be arranged if the interest is there?

If you live in the area of Toronto and interested in attending a Small Strobes, Big Results workshop, I'd love to hear from you. Just thinking out loud.

I've never been to Toronto!

Available Small Strobes, Big Results workshops: Denver Jan 10th, 2009 (2 spaces available), Philly, PA at Eastern State Penitentiary, San Francisco April 13th, Orange County, CA April 16th,