D-70 Infrared Conversion

I had mentioned on an earlier post that I had converted my old back-up camera a Nikon D70 to Infrared. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I did the conversion myself with the help of a tutorial from Life Pixel.

I read on their web site that the Nikon D70 was one of the simplest digital cameras to convert to infrared. I purchased Life Pixel's custom glass Infrared filter to replace the hotmirror I was taking out. You can read the whole process HERE.

The whole process of the conversion took about 40 minutes, I did have to re-open the camera a few times to make a better connection of some of the electronics. One of the neat things about the conversion is that you no longer need to shoot through a dark Infrared R72 filter to produce an infrared image.

I use to use an older Olympus snap and shoot to shoot IR photos using the R72 filter method. You needed a tripod to shoot as the exposures where very long, often having to focus the camera before putting the dark filter on.

With this new conversion the image in the viewfinder is clear as normal and you don't have the the density of the R72 filter to effect your shutter speeds. I can hand hold the camera or just have shutter speeds fast enough to freeze the movement of plants and trees from the wind.

Here are a few more images from Florida. I look forward to winter ending here in Colorado so I can shoot more images.