Possible Detroit Workshop

There is a good chance that later this summer, sometime in September, I'll be teaching a 3 day intensive "Small Strobes, Big Results" workshop for the government in Battle Creek, MI.  I don't have exact dates just yet but I am interested in extending my stay to hold a one day workshop in the Detroit area.

If you are interested in hosting a "Small Strobes, Big Results" workshop in the Detroit area please let me know.  As host, you must provide a space large enough to accommodate 12-14 participant's.  For doing so, you'll be provide the workshop at no cost.

If you are interested in attending the workshop in Detroit, please let me know.  As you can imagine, it's very hard to plan such an event and knowing what the interest is out there is important.   As a matter of fact, if your interested in attending a workshop anywhere, let me know where you are.  If there is enough interest in your area, I'd love to visit your location.

I'll keep you posted on exact dates as they come available.  DT