The Orbis™ Ring Flash

I recently received my Orbis Ring Flash from Jame Madelin, the developer of the Orbis Ring Flash. This is an extremely useful flash accessory for all of us speedlight shooters.

This first thing that struck me was how well made this product is. A lot of thought went into manufacturing the Orbis and I believe James has a winner here. The Orbis was designed to handle many of the popular flashes on the market, a list of those can be found here.

The light is very evenly projected around the face of the ring flash as shown here in this photo.

What I really like about the product is that it's light weight, well made and easy to pack. As a lot of you know, I posted a DIY project for a ring flash back in Dec 07. My DIY ring flash may have a greater output (about a stop and a third) but it is much larger (about 3 time as thick, front to back) it's differently not as easy to transport as the Orbis

I just love the fact that the Orbis is not mounted to the camera, some might think this as handy cap. The Orbiscomes with a convenient strap which I really like. I'm able to sling the ring flash over my neck and shoulder which allows me to easily make camera adjustments with both hands.

I use a ring flash primarily as a fill light and if I want try a few exposures without it , I appreciate having the ability to hang the ring flash to my side with the provide strap.

If you prefer to mount the Orbis to a stand you'll have no trouble doing so with a standard umbrella bracket as shown here. I have had no trouble firing the flash using the Nikon CLS system thus avoiding any sort of cord attachment connecting the flash to the camera.

Let's take a look at some sample images shot using the Orbis™ ring flash later. I'll be using it at the Small Strobes, Big Results workshop in Denver this weekend.