Philadelphia Mentor Series Trek

I've just completed my third Popular Photography/America PHOTO Mentor Series Trek held here in Philadelphia, PA. I had a wonderful time, we had a great group of trekker's learning how to light.

This was the first Master Series on lighting offered by the Mentor Series treks. The workshop focused on learning how to use your flash, on and off your camera. We had two wonderful locations to photograph at, we shot at Eastern State Penitentiary and the wonder Longwood Gardens. We also had a private Double Decker bus tour photographing the city with plenty of stops.

What I failed to mention, was that the Double Decker bus had an open top. The evening we took the bus out, we had a little rain. Actually, a lot of rain. Undaunted by the rain, trekker's trekked on and created some great wonderful images.

We also had time to do a nice walking tour in the old section of Philly. Walking down the oldest street in Philadelphia I spotted a door decoration I just had to light. Using a single SB-800, we shot this as a group. If you have not been on a Mentor Series Trek your missing out. They do a wonderful job in organizing the Treks and they have wonderful locations to boot!