DIY Florescent Keno-Flo Lights

There is a lot to be said for shooting with a continuous light source, You get what you see.

For me, one of the biggest reasons for using "cool" lights like these is for the comfort of the subject being photographed. As photographers we're use to the pop of flashes when using strobes however, subjects not use to being photographed sometimes find the flash of strobes uncomfortable.

I bought these two shop lights at Home Depot for about $30.00 each. These are called Lithonia Lighting Diamond Plate Utility Lights. I used daylight balanced tubes in the fixtures. The lights are good size and quite light in weight, they measure 48" in length.

I also picked up the grid ceiling fixture that you see in overhead lighting in typical office spaces. I cut these plastic grids down to size to fit over the two tube fixture.

I really like the diamond pattern on these lights, kinda looks like professional lighting gear not DIY.

Here you can see the Velcro™ straps I use to hold the grid in place, I use 6 attachments along the sides of the light, three on each side.

In order to mount the lights to a stand, I bought a mounting plate know as an Avenger F800 Baby Wall Plate - 3"

You will need some sort of Grip Head to hold the Wall Plate or light. If you have C-stands it's simple, if not use something like this to get you light on a stand.

I had an opportunity to use these lights on an recent assignment, I'll be posting about that later in the week. DT