High Speed Sync-CLS

Shortly after returning from my speaking engagement at the UPAA in New York and holding my Buffalo SSBR workshop I shot the above photo. This was the second time I had visited this location in the past 12 months. It is a project that Bechtel is building for the United States government. I posted about my first visit HERE

The gentleman featured above is Terry Wells, Terry has received a special award for safety and his employer wanted a photo of him for their magazine. I arrived in Pueblo, CO on location at about noon, not your best time to be shooting for sure!

I had the same constraints shooting at this location as my previous visit. Being that we are on a military base with chemical weapons and such, I could not show any recognizable details of the location. I found the only spot of shade that had a view of some construction work behind Terry.

I used my new FourSquare™ with 2 SB-800's inside to provide the light. I used high speed sync in order to shorten my DOF. The photo was taken at 1/2000 @f4.5 Without the ability to use high speed sync, I would have been forced to use a much smaller aperture which would have increased my DOF. If I had used an aperture of say f22, I might have included details at our location that the military might have found objectionable.

Just like my last visit, all my images where screened by a special security detail before we left the premises. Here is another image for the shoot.