Let The Sun Shine

I'm currently in Bridgeport, WV shooting a corporate assignment. It has been overcast and raining for the past several days here, I'm hoping the sun will shine tomorrow. I'll be shooting a drilling rig for most of the day tomorrow and I don't want to shoot in the rain.

Earlier today, my client wanted to shoot in the lobby of their offices. The lobby has beautiful windows on it's west side that normally would allow late afternoon sunlight to shine through. Due to the current weather conditions, I needed to pull out my own light source to improve the non-existing light.

By placing a single SB-800 outside of the building, fitted with a full cut CTO gel, I had my sunlight. I used a RadioPopper to fire the strobe which was out of my line of sight. I just love these Poppers! Here is a set-up shot showing the strobe placement on the outside of the building.

My white balance was set to daylight, and with the use of a full cut CTO I got the warm from the strobe I was looking for. This was a very quick and easy shot to set up, no more than 5 minutes to put together. When I see windows, I just want to push light through them... give it a try. DT