Zeltweg Workshop

Still working hard in Austria.  I am now in Vienna, for two speaking engagements at a local University. Yesterday I was on a military base conducting a Nikon NPS workshop in the town of Zeltweg.  We had 15 participants involved and a wonderful location.

I spotted this wonderful old radar counsel and thought I could make a photo there.  Here is the actual abient exposure as the camera saw it. 

I next under expose the ambient by 3 stops, turn on my lights and bingo!  I used a set of barn doors on the key light and a blue gel on another flash for the rim and councel lighting. Here is the lighting set up.

Here is another photo from the top of the stairs above the display of planes.

 I shifted the white balance to tungsten and under exposed the ambient by about 2 stops from a "normal" exposure.  The key or main light was a small soft box with a full CTO to balance for the tungsten w/b on the camera.  Let's have a look at the set up, below.

Once we finished with the Zeltweg workshop, Eric and I drove to Vienna for my two speaking engagements, and another Nikon NPS workshop.  Later. DT