Zurich, Switzerland SSBR Workshop Oct 14 & 15

I was absolutely delighted to teach a workshop in Zurich, Switzerland during my tour.  We were hosted by Light + Byte camera store, where they have a large studio and training facility. Our model for the day was a very nice young lady by the name Julia.  Thanks so much for spending the day with us.  The morning session was spent on lighting theory and after lunch we started shooting.  Here are the photos as well as the set ups.

We are using a large black board to block fill which was being provided from a white wall camera left.

Some artifical sunlight provided by an SB-900 out side of the window with a full CTO.

By placing a chair on it's side, I was able to use the chair back which had holes cut in it to project light thru it for a background light.

A simple 5 in 1 using it's translucent material provide some nice soft light, shown above.

I was using the new Round Flash Beauty Dish light for the key light.

I had a wonderful time in Switzerland, it had been 40 years since my last visit... I hope it won't take as long for my return.  lol that would make me almost 120 years old.