Puchberg SSBR Workshop Oct. 5 & 6

What a joy to be back here again at Puchberg.  We had a wonderful workshop with 18 participants for the two day workshop. Our location is this fantastic old (everything in Europe is old) building to photograph in and around. 



We started the first day with lighting theory during the morning session and then spent the rest of the day shooting lighting examples. Here are some of the images created the first day.

As you can see from the set-up photo above, I used one Speedlight to do the work of two. The flash was placed behind my subject, providing a rim/hair light before bouncing off the wall for the key light.

By placing my rip stop nylon fabric on a glass door and projecting my flash thru it, I can create a wonderful soft light on my subject.

Here a classic clamshell lighting set-up for a glamour look.

Stepping out side in open shade and shifting the WB to tungsten produced the above image.  I want to thank everyone who attended the workshop, it was a pleasure to spend 2 wonderful days with you.

We are now on our way to Innsbruck, Austria for another 2 day workshop. I'll post some of the images that the students produced during the second day just a bit later.  See you in Innsbruck.

As promised, here is a collection of my students work from the workshop.  On the second day of the workshop, I send the student out for a one hour time period in groups of three to practice what they learned the previous day. Each participant would be the photographer, the other an assistant and the third as the model.  I am so very proud to share their outstanding work... great job everyone!