Image of the Day - 5/5/08

Cinco de Mayo! Sitting here this morning with Fawkes, my African Grey parrot on my shoulder blogging. What a great bird!

Anyway, shot this in Puerto Vallarta a year ago last Christmas while on vacation with a good friend. I was using my old Olympus snap and shoot.

Image of the Day - 5/1/08

This photo is an out take from an assignment I shoot for the Godwin Group Advertising Agency in Jackson, Mississippi. I was commissioned to create several photos for a campaign regarding fire prevention. The window concept was shot with an open flamed candle near the window sill. The candle was going to be digitally added in post production.

I set my camera to a tungsten setting and shot a "daylight balanced" strobe through the window from outside. The shift of color temperature simulated in my mind moonlight. The art director and my assistant are lying down on the floor moving the curtains with their hands to simulate a light breeze.

Hope you like it. DT

Image of the Day - 4/30/08

Spring is a coming! I started my sprinkler system this past weekend and flowers are starting to bloom. I just love this time of year, I even got the rototiller in my garden and added some manure.

This photo was taken 2 seasons ago, these are Chives (Allium Schoenoprasum). They grow about 9 inches or so, the stems are firm, straight, smooth and flower for about two months.

My metadata tells me that I shot this using my Nikon D2X, ISO 100 with a shutter speed of 1/20th. I used my 300mm f2.8 and fired an SB-800 for some fill light. Now get in the garden!

Image of the Day - 4/29/08

This photo was taken for an engineering client of mine, their project happened to be here in Colorado close to my home. We had several shots to do of the construction activity taken place at this rock quarry. When the shift ended, we were left without employee's to photograph.

We still had time on our hand before actual sunset and we spent the time shooting equipment and other landscape type photos for the client. As we drove through the site, I noticed the setting sun positioned behind a set of conveyors. I asked Erik to walk out toward the sunset so I could put a human element in the photo. Hope you like it. DT

Image of the Day 4/25/08

An oldie but goody. The Sax man! I shot this some 25 years ago when I moved to Denver to start my business. I was out shooting Denver skylines with a friend when I noticed that he had a saxophone in the back of his car. I pulled out the instrument and had my friend Kevin play the sax with his shadow being casted on the brick wall. Simple, clean and graphic. DT