Dallas PPA Speaking Engagement & Workshop

I'll be in Dallas May 11th speaking to the Dallas chapter of the PPA and holding a special SSBR seminar & workshop on May 12th. If your in the Dallas area I would love to meet you and hope that you will have the opportunity to come to both events. For more information regarding my speaking engagement visit the PPA web site. To register for either the 1/2 day seminar or for the full day workshop click HERE.

UPAA Symposium 2009

I'm honored to have received an invitation to speak at the 48th Annual University Photographers' Association of America Technical Symposium this coming June in Jamestown, NY.

The UPAA was founded in 1961 by a small group of university photographers in the New England area. Since then, their membership has grown to include photographers from across the United States, Canada, Australia and Israel.  Their organization of college and university photographers are concerned with the application and practice of photography as it relates to the higher education setting.

Their annual Symposium underscores their commitment to photographic excellence and th continuing education and networking with their professional colleagues.

I've been asked to speak on the topic of small strobe lighting techniques.  The Symposium co-host felt that the small kit lighting techniques that I use in the wide range of photo assignments that I shoot fits extremely well with the type of assignments university photographers must cover for their schools.  They felt that my expertise would greatly enhance the professional development opportunities that they wish to provide their members.  I am delighted to be part of their 2009 Symposium.

Last years speakers included Michael Grecco, Steve McCurry and Sports Illustrated's photographer Bob Rosato.

I don't know who the other speakers are just yet but I understand they're trying to get Jim Brandenburg to commit.  As I receive word who might be speaking I'll let you know.

Knowing that I will be in Western New York in late June for the Symposium, I thought it might be an excellent opportunity to hold a Small Strobes, Big Results workshop in the area.  It looks like some of the surrounding areas would include: Buffalo, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, PA and Akron, OH.  I would love to hear your thoughts regarding your choice of a location.

Speaking Engagement

I've been asked to provide a presentation of my work to a local camera club here in Colorado.  I'll be speaking to the FOCUS CAMERA CLUB on October 7th, 2008 at 7 PM at the animal hospital located at County Line & Holly.  If your local or visiting the area and would like to attend please let me know, I can provide more information for you.

I really enjoy these opportunities to speak to various clubs and schools about the field of professional photography. I love sharing my knowledge and passion for the art.  Over the years, I have spoken to numerous camera clubs and photography schools around the country.

If you are interested in having me present to your club or organization feel free to contact me.  

Justin Clamp To The Rescue

Working on that pipeline job last week provided some tough shooting in mid day sunlight. The welding crew work under a blue canopy along side a tracker which carried the juice to run the welders. This was our first day on site and the welding crew was shut down after just a few minutes of shooting. The welding crew was working without a supervisor on site and because of that, they had to stop working.

Apparently, their where a few welders being trained and the on site supervisor was conducting the training. Who knows, I managed to get a few shots before the work ended.

You can see from the photo below, I have clamped a Nikon SB-800 using a Justin Clamp to the overhead canopy. I was firing this strobe using the CLS method.

By fastening the strobe to the canopy, my flash to subject distance remains the same as the crew move down the pipeline. This set up provided consistent flash exposures shot to shot, it also allowed me the opportunity to concentrate on composition instead of worrying about changing flash exposure.