South Lido Beach

Our last day at the beach. Today we headed over to South Lido Beach & Siesta Key Beach for some swimming. The sand and water here looks like the caribbean, the sand is pure white and the water a beautiful blue/green.

Looks like these guy's are fishing for Bone Fish or Tarpon? We swam out and walked out almost out to the boat, there was a big sandbar about knee deep out there. We found a lot of nice shells out there.

I've really enjoyed this vacation and I look forward to visiting Sarasota, FL again soon. I'll be shooting next week in Wyoming near Rawlins for ONEOK.

I was contacted by a representative of the company who is a regular reader of this blog. I think it's wonderful when I have an opportunity to shoot for readers and just knowing that my efforts with this also brings in clients. Thanks Rick.

ONEOK is a Fortune 500 company, founded in 1906 as an intrastate natural gas pipeline company. ONEOK is involved in oil and gas production, natural gas processing, gathering, storage and transmission in the mid-continent areas of the United States. I'll try to shoot some video while on assignment and report back about the assignment.

I'll also be returning to Scottsbluff, NE for more Healthcare images for Regional West Medical Center the following week. I'll be posting more of those images as well.

Thanks for putting up with the vacation photos during this past week, I'll get back into the business stuff soon. Take care. DT

Yoder's Forever

The best damn peanut butter cream pie in the world! I always look forward to going to Yoder's when visiting Sarasota, FL, just look at these pie's. They serve other fine food but it's the pie that keeps me coming back.

Earlier in the day we went to Myakka State Park, it's Florida's oldest and largest state park. The park is about a 1/2 hour just east of Sarasota. At the park, they have a canopy walkway and tower on a nature trail. You climb a short 35' tower, cross a suspension bridge and than up the taller tower to a height of 74'. From the tall tower you have a wonderful view of the park and a close view of all the vegetation.
Here are some of the photos I took today in the park. We'll be fishing later tonight. DT

Gone Fishing

We're in Sarasota, FL. It's great being on vacation! We bought some fishing poles at Kmart, rather than renting for the week, much cheaper in the long run.

Debbie was the big winner, she caught 5 of the eight, I got 2 and Chris 1. What a great day. Here's Chris on the bridge fishing, the new Ringling bridge in the background.

Below is the new Ringling bridge below. This bridge replaces an older draw bridge that was in place for years.

We also managed to provide a fish for a local bird waiting for a kind soul, I'm such a sucker. I'm having fun!

Florida Bound

Today I'll be leaving for Florida for a short vacation with my family.  We'll be on the gulf coast in the city of Sarasota.  I always enjoy visiting Sarasota, they have wonderful beaches for shell collecting and some pretty good fishing as well.

I'm taking my trusty Canon G9 with me, no sense taking all the other gear while on vacation. I'll try to post while away, show you some of the sites and share what ever comes to mind. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.