The Ratz Pak

Warning! This post has nothing to do about photography and everything about small pocket pets.

Do you have or do you know someone with a pet rat or some other pocket pet? My son Chris has two of them, Sky & KoKo.

My wife Debbie has come up with a wonderful product for owners of pet rats or other pocket pets such as hamsters, mice, guinea pigs and gerbils. Her product is called "The Ratz Pak"

These are clever carriers that are slung over your shoulder for hands-free carrying, they come in all sorts of colors and patterns. If you or someone you know has a pocket pet, have a look at the Ratz Pak.

Favorites Link

I've just put a new link at my web site for my favorites. It's been quite sometime since I've updated my site, it's nice to have something new. My wife Debbie does all my web stuff and I often feel that she is busy enough dealing with here own clients.

I recently bought a new laptop (a mac of course), it came installed with iweb. What a wonderful program, I'm able to do my own updates with just a little help from Deb. I can do the majority of the work and the little stuff Deb can help me with.

iweb allows me to mimic the design of my original site so the new page of favorites matches. It took just a little time to get the hang of it. Here is a screen shot of the new page. Have a look at the new images posted and come back often to see what's new.

A Worthy Cause For Sure

My wife Debbie, is a graphic designer and web site developer. She has just recently finished a web site for The Edwards Foundation For Rescued Animals located in Colorado. The foundation is run by a retired couple who takes in animals like horses, goats, llamas and even Zebus!

There animals come from various sources: families that can't keep their pets, the forestry service, and the Denver Zoo. These folks finance the care for all these animals out of their own pockets and rely on donations to help keep the animals happy and healthy. All donated money goes strictly to the care and feeding of the animals.

I've personally been out to Linda & Johns spread, they are doing a wonderful job caring for these animals. You can read all about The Edwards Foundation For Rescued Animals by following the link provided. As I mentioned above, Linda & John are retired and are absorbing the cost to care for these animals themselves. Take a look at what it cost on a monthly bases to care for these wonderful animals. There is a safe Paypal button to donate, if you can spare a few bucks that would be wonderful.

I've never used this blog to solicit funds before, I admire the devotion and hard work that Linda & John are doing and I know that they could use a little help. Thanks. DT