A Few Spaces Left

There are just a few spaces left for both the August 2nd and August 23 Small Strobes, Big Results lighting workshop in Denver.

Don't miss out, if you've been thinking about it, it's time to act. Give me a call or drop me an email so I can hold a spot for you. I'll be traveling this next week and than up to the Canadian Arctic on assignment.

My intern, Ian recently shot some photos for some friends of his for a wedding announcement. Ian did not want to shoot the typical announcement photos of a hugging and kissing couple. He only agreed to do so if he could have complete creative control over the photos. These are not your typical announcement photos for sure.

I mention this because from what I've seen thus far, the photos are outstanding and are worth bring them to your attention. Ian knows the couple through his part time work at a local restaurant and after learning more about their interests, Ian came up with several photographic idea's for their announcement. I might also add that the announcement will be in the form of a web site rather than a printed piece. Ian came up with 6 photo concepts, he's finished 3 of the 6.

Ian is fairly new to lighting, He used my Qflash with one of my home made beauty dishes. Anyway, I just realized that he has posted a lighting diagram on his blog. Please take a look at these photos, let him know what you think.

You might say that Ian has taken my Small Strobes, Big Results workshop to heart! Nice work Ian, proud of you. DT