Lancaster County, PA

What a wonder place to visit! The scenery is stunning and the photo opportunities are plentiful. I'm back from a week vacation in the Amish land of Lancaster County, PA. Spent a week in Strusburg, PA doing the tourist stuff, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Eastern State Penitentiary and the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, Also spent a day in the historic town of Gettysburg looking at battle grounds and learning some new history.

One of the really fun things that I did was to go on a ghost hunt at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.  I had an opportunity to walk the dark hallways of the old place, the prison was build in the early 1800's.  Very Creepy!

Using a tripod, I shot this 6 second exposure of the guard tower,  I added a bit of light using my flashlight during the exposure. 

This is what the place looks like during daylight hours.  Long hallways with small cells on either side. It's really a cool place to visit if you have the chance.

As I mentioned earlier, the scenery around Lancaster County, PA is beautiful.  Here are some of the results from an outing shooting sunrise.  I only had one opportunity to shoot a sunrise and one sunset but I'm happy with what I came back with.

I might also mention that I have 3 more spots open for the August 23 Small Strobes, Big Results workshop in Denver.  If your interested in attending, please contact me soon. DT