Radio Poppers Are The Ultimate!

What more can I say other than AWESOME. I've had a few weeks to play with the new Radio Poppers PX system and I just love them. The PX system allow me the ability to use my Nikon CLS system at distances previously unheard of. I'm able to control my strobes remotely in both iTTL, manual, and high speed sync.

I took a walk with my hand held GPS across the field behind my house to a distance of 750 feet to the end of the field. You can see a flash at the bottom center of the image, I had complete control over all the functions of my strobe at this distance. At the Radio Poppers website they state that Radio Poppers are the most advanced wireless control system in the world, I'd have to agree.

I use a SU-800 command unit to fire my strobes, the PX Transmitter fits on the face of the SU-800 command unit, it relays the signal from the command unit to a PX receiver mounted to my SB-800 strobe. The Radio Popper took only a few moments to set up and it is absolutely seamless to use.

You don't need to use an SU-800 command unit, you can use another SB-800 as a master unit if you wish. You simply use all the menu commands on your master strobe or SU-800 command unit as you normally do. The PX system simply relays those signal, and your good to go.

Before using this system, I had an invisible leash of about 35 or 40 feet using Nikon's CLS system, even less on bright out door settings or when your strobes are place in such a position that your strobes do not see the pre monitor flash from your master.

I had an opportunity to use my Radio Poppers while giving a lighting demo at Slickrock, near Moab during my recent "Mentor Series Trek" for Popular Photography Magazine. I used a FourSquare™ to light the biker in the above photo. During the workshop, I passed around the SU-800 with the PX Transmitter attached to it and I simply hand held the strobes for the students. Everyone was just blown away by the size of the Radio Poppers and the simplicity of the system.

If you are looking for a wireless system to extend your range from the normal distance that your flash manufacturer allows, I'd say go Radio Popper. The PX system works with all sorts of other flash systems as well, just check out their website you'll be just as blown away as I am.